Individual sentence practice will help you develop ways to increase your sentence variety. Remember that you can add to the structure of simple sentences and combine simple sentences into compound and complex sentence structures.

Now, try revising a series of sentences that form several paragraphs by imitating the sentences from a professional writer’s paragraphs. To do this, you will read an excerpt from an article by New York Times reporter A. G. Sulzberger. The article talks about two men trying to break the record for longest flight using a hang glider. The men broke the record flying across Texas from Zapata, a town on the Rio Grande, to Lorenzo, which is near Lubbock. Once you’ve read the excerpt, you will imitate Sulzberger’s sentence style by writing your own sentences that will form paragraphs.

Click on the link to open the graphic organizer. You can save, download, and print this file. When you are finished with it, you will have completed this lesson. Graphic Organizer Instructions