Each of the bold words in the newspaper article below is spelled wrong. The original (and correctly spelled) article was written by Tania James and published in the New York Times. Decide how you might correct each word. Should you

  1. rely on the spell-checker,
  2. read the context to see if the correct word has been chosen, or
  3. use a dictionary?

For each misspelled word, choose 1 (spell-checker), 2 (context), or 3 (dictionary) from the pull-down menu. Some words might be corrected using more than one method, but choose the one you think is best. The point is to practice using the strategies you have learned.

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A photograph of a handwritten sign that reads “No Parking with the “n” barely visible due to leaving it out when the sign was first made”

Source: revenge of the spelling bee, postbear eater of worlds, Flickr

Using the three-step strategy, you’re on your way to becoming a spelling pro. At the very least, by learning more about spelling, you will be able to avoid making a sign like this one.