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A song for a rock band just would not feel complete without a part for the drums. You might think that the drum part just sort of happens, but like most everything, it requires a plan to make it a clear, coherent part of the song. Watch how this drum part looks when it is written out.

Now, we are ready to write the complete expository essay on the health benefits of walking vs. running. Looking over the two articles, the charts for each article, and the comparison chart, we have a wealth of information with which to write a strong multi-paragraph essay.

The goal when writing the essay is to make the paragraphs coherent, so the information is organized logically and the ideas flow smoothly from one to the next. The information in your charts will help dictate the length of your essay. Remember, no set rules exist for how many paragraphs you should write. I think the best way to organize the paragraphs might be from general to specific. My plan for organizing the essay looks like this:

Introduction: General information about walking and running and the fact that there is a debate about which one is better for your health

Body paragraph: General health benefits of both walking and running

Body paragraph: Recent findings on the debate about walking vs. running

Conclusion: Summing up the research and current beliefs on the debate

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Respond to the following questions. They will help you organize the expository essay titled “The Health Benefits of Walking vs. Running.”

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1. Which of the following sentences would fit better in a first or introductory paragraph?
Both walking and running are good for overall health, but people have varying views on which
is better.
Correct! This statement sums up the fact that both types of exercise are beneficial and also explains that you may find varying views on which is better.

According to Faires, running is better because it is more rigorous and can deliver benefits more efficiently.
Try again. Because this sentence details the view of one particular author, it would fit better into a body paragraph about the recent findings on the debate of walking vs. running.

2. Which sentence would fit better in a body paragraph discussing general health benefits of both running and walking?
Two authors cite many health benefits of both running and walking, including improved mood, lowered blood pressure, greater energy level,
and better overall health.
Correct! This sentence lists various health benefits provided by both walking and running, ranging from cardiovascular health to mood.

Running is known to cause more stress on the knees and hips than walking.
Try again. This sentence focuses on a specific negative consequence of running rather than a description of the health benefits of both.

3. Which sentence would work better in a body paragraph detailing the new study published in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology?
According to Faires, running maximizes aerobic conditioning in minimum time.
Try again. This author did not cite the new findings but expressed her opinion that running provides better aerobic conditioning in less time than walking.

According to Reynolds, new studies show that walking is just as beneficial as running, but you have to go farther.
Correct! Reynolds addresses the findings, which support her position that walking is just as beneficial but requires more time for similar results.

4. Which sentence might fit better in a concluding paragraph?
Based on the articles by Faires and Reynolds, both walking and running have benefits, and people should choose the exercise that works best for them individually.
Correct! This statement sums up the essay and acknowledges the research you have done.

People should consider only walking for exercise if they cannot run at all.
Try again. This statement does not accurately recap the authors's discussions about walking vs. running.

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Whether you plan to write an expository essay, a song, or an informative or procedural essay, follow the three steps of synthesis to make your ideas flow together:

Step One: Analyze your sources.

Step Two: Pull out the major points you want to make from each one.

Step Three: Put all the information together into a
coherent essay.

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When you remember these three steps in writing an expository or procedural essay, it’s easy to go with the beat and create your own little ditty.