A sign that reads “Narrow gate: Life This Way” with a right pointing arrow

Source: The narrow gate, Biblestuff, Flickr

take notes icon Use your notes and write the concluding paragraph of the draft of your personal narrative. When you are finished, check your understanding and read the concluding paragraph to our model narrative.

Check Your Understanding

Sample Response:

It was a long, cold walk home, with lots of deep words exchanged between chattering teeth. We were tired, cold, and humbled by the events of the day: getting lost in the woods and chased by Russo’s mean dogs and the farmer’s huge cows, not to mention my dramatic rescue of my friend Danny snatching him from that raging, frozen stream. Our adventure was surely more than we bargained for, but in our hearts we were glad. Because as we approached the Russo house and their huge dogs, we were not afraid, not one bit. We marched right past the house without so much as a thought. We had done a lot of growing up that day, my best friend, Danny, and I.

Now that you’ve written a draft of your personal narrative, use a graphic organizer to write the final draft. Go back through the lesson if you need help with any of the sections. As you work out your personal narrative, remember that “It’s all about you.” Graphic Organizer Instructions