Strengthening Your Thesis

graphic that reads” Thesis, Thesis, Thesis, Thesis”

Source: Thesis graphic, Roger Koslowski, Wikimedia Commons

Your thesis makes the central argument of your paper. In writing your thesis, you must be compelling and concise, and you should show a strong point of view. Here are a few ways that you can strengthen your thesis even after you’ve written a first draft.

Now, let’s practice applying these tips. Read the thesis statements below and rewrite them following the guidelines above. Using your notes, write your responses. When you are finished, check your understanding below to see possible responses.

  1. Kids like McDonald’s Happy Meals because they have toys.
  2. People who are mentally ill should not be able to buy guns even though their medical records are confidential.
  3. There are good things and bad things about wearing uniforms to school.
  4. Tobacco companies target teens with their advertisements.
  5. Many people are wrongly prejudiced against immigrants because they think that all of the jobs are going to them and that they use up too many welfare resources.
Check Your Understanding

Sample Responses:

  1. The free toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals encourage children to make unhealthy food choices and should be banned.
  2. Legislators must work to amend gun laws and medical privacy laws to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.
  3. Although administrators feel that school uniforms make schools safer, uniforms are expensive and limit a student’s freedom of expression.
  4. Tobacco companies try to attract teens to smoking by advertising in youth-oriented magazines and sponsoring sports teams with a large youth fan base.
  5. Anti-immigrant activists believe that immigrants steal American jobs and use too many social services despite evidence to the contrary.