The online dictionary at defines the word moment as (1) a minute portion or point of time, (2) a comparatively brief period of time, or (3) a time of excellence. The word instant is a synonym for the denotative meaning of these definitions. But what is the connotation of memory? What are the emotions and feelings associated with it? Watch as moment is defined through the lens of a camera on the 10x10 website. Each picture represents one “moment” in a current event. Click on the thumbnail images to get an idea of what each signifies.

The 10x10 website

Pictures often add connotative meaning to a story. How do the denotative meanings from the dictionary definitions in the first paragraph compare with the connotative meanings implied by the 10x10 images? Also, how does the definition of moment from the dictionary differ from the definition portrayed by the 10x10 images? Which images were memorable? Which ones would you recommend to a friend? At the same time, which of the two definitions will stick with you?

We can’t always look at pictures to enhance our understanding of a word. Often we need to use reference guides to find out the meaning of challenging words that we encounter when we read. In this lesson, you’ll learn how a dictionary, glossary, or thesaurus can be useful in building your vocabulary. Along the way, you’ll also pick up some impressive words, encounter some verbal buffoonery, and use your vocabulary knowledge to help feed the world.