Your Turn

In the first activity, you used context to identify a general feeling about a word. Next you pinpointed which context clues shed light on a challenging word. Then you selected the best word to fit a certain context. This next activity will give you more practice and a chance to gain an even larger vocabulary. Click here to have fun with an interactive quiz from the TV411 Series.

What one word from these activities will you try to use in your conversation or in your writing today? Find out.



The sentences in this activity are taken from the fairy tale “The Old House“ by Hans Christian Andersen. Each of the quotations below, taken from the story, is missing a word.

Answer each question in three steps:

Step 1: Use your notes to list context clues around the missing word in each sentence.

Step 2: When you are finished writing the clues, click the context clues link below each sentence to compare your answers.

Step 3: Based on the context clues, decide which of the four words below best fills in the blank. When you think you know the answer, select the correct word from the drop-down box to see if you guessed correctly.

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