Concrete and Abstract Ideas

Read the following poem by William Carlos Williams.

The Red Wheelbarrow
Image of a red wheelbarrow leaning against a stone wall

Source: Wheelbarrow by the wall 024, tomylees, Flickr

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

Let’s read another small poem full of imagery by Amy Lowell.

The Pond
Photo of a pond

Source: Barnes Pond, Nick, Wikimedia

Cold, wet leaves
Floating on moss-colored water,
And the croaking of frogs—
Cracked bell-notes in the twilight.

Now it’s your turn to write a poem similar to “The Red Wheelbarrow” or “The Pond.” You can use any subject you wish. Think about the images you want to use and decide what you want those images to convey to a reader.

Use your notes to write your response. When you're finished, check your understanding.

Check Your Understanding

Sample Responses:

The Pink Bracelets

how little difference
my lucky pink plastic bracelets

lying all warm and snuggly
in my jewelry box

instead of on my
shivering goose-pimpled arm

in this cold, fluorescent lighted
math class.

The Camp Out

Hot smell of bacon
Crackling in the black iron skillet
And the burbling of coffee—
Civilized necessities in the wilderness