Your Turn

Image of a motorcycle driving away.

Source: “Loaded r1200 GS in traffic circle,” Jerry Pank, Wikimedia Commons

Now reflect on what you have learned from the lesson. Read the following questions and type in your answers using your notes.

  1. How are you affected by each of the types of logical order when you read an argument?
  2. How do you learn best? Do you need the claim (thesis) first? Or do you prefer to see numerous examples and draw your own conclusions?
  3. Write about some decisions you will have to make in the future. How will you apply your knowledge gained from this lesson? Will you primarily use experience to anticipate what will happen? Will you instead review facts to deduce what to do? What will your decision depend upon?

After working your way through this lesson, you should now understand how to determine what is wrong with your motorcycle by using inductive or deductive reasoning.