Your Turn

Now, watch and critique a video on your own. To write the critique, you will need to do the following as you watch the video:

Use your notes to write your impressions of the presentation. Pause and play the video as needed to evaluate the presentation and the speaker.

This presentation was given in 2011 by Dale Dougherty, creator of Make magazine, which brings “the do-it-yourself mindset to technology.”

Source: "We Are Makers," Dale Dougherty, TED Talks

Photo of Dale Dougherty.

Source: "We Are Makers," Dale Dougherty, TED Talks

Check Your Understanding

Sample Responses:

Dale Dougherty began Maker magazine, so he’s probably going to talk about making things. I was right; he does!

He says that all of us are born makers, and then Dougherty provides lots of examples of funny things that people make, such as electric muffins and scraper bikes. He goes on to give more serious examples that have to do with technology, such as satellites.

His introduction is interesting, and he has a great many funny and serious examples of people who love to make things, sometimes not even knowing why they are making the things that they make.

His presentation is like a conversation sometimes. He is casual and funny. He uses a lot of gestures that are sometimes distracting, but he does it because he is so enthusiastic.