A photograph of a stairwell in a school. Next to the stairs is a trophy case and several lockers.

Source: Jinego Elementary School stairwell, Douglas P. Perkins, Wikimedia

Do you remember the note in the first section of this lesson? Do you want to know what actually did happen in the stairwell? The custodian found three scraps of paper on the floor and gave them to the principal. Which one do you think is relevant evidence?

Note #1: After school, pick up your sister at her friend Maria’s house. Don’t forget. Love you.


Note #2: Please, please, please just this once let me copy your algebra homework. Come on, please. I won’t ever ask you again. Please.


Note #3: She’s always in that stairwell after second period. We’ll push you into her so she’ll say something. Then you can hit her, and it will seem like she started it. Got it?


Check Your Understanding

If you chose Note #3, you are correct. This note is clearly relevant to what happened in the stairwell.