Now that you’ve considered these four devices, let’s look back at Ahmad’s aesthetic journal entry, which made Anna weep with aesthetic joy. Can you find all four of the devices from this lesson in the passage from Ahmad’s journal?

photo of a round clock with a black rim and a white face and black numbers and hands. It hangs on a lime green wall

Source: Genie III wall & clock, Catherine, Flickr

The hands of the clock click to 8:32, telling us all to be quiet and listen to the announcements. No one pays any attention. They all just keep on talking, about last night’s date, today’s homework, next Friday’s game, Bianca’s new tattoo, the baby squirrels in the tree outside the classroom, a new YouTube of a dog dancing with a cat to an old disco classic, Nick’s new Jordans. The announcements are like a trainer at a kennel saying to all the puppies playing in the yard, “Sit!”

See if you can find each device, then answer the “Yes, I found it!” or “No, I’m baffled!” Either answer will cue the part of the passage where the device is used.

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Anna spotted all of this in Ahmad’s writing, and she responded to it by crying. You should now be able to respond to these devices when you find them in a text, but you should respond using analytical language rather than tears.