An image of upper case and lower case cursive letters. The numbers one through ten appear at the bottom.

Source: cursive writing sample, Angel Belsey, Flickr

Just as you can wake up each morning and decide whether or not to wear shoes, you can also sit down at your desk each day and decide whether or not to write in cursive. Is this really true? Many students today are unable to write in cursive; they either print everything or use a hybrid of cursive plus printing.

For some people this is an issue, an issue that makes them want to take a position. Some educators believe that cursive writing is not one of the main skills that students should master. That worries some people and relieves others. It all depends on where you’re coming from, which is another way of saying it depends on your perspective.

A photograph of a pen laying on a sheet of paper that has lines of cursive text on it.

Source: Untitled, 13254, Flickr

Look at the excerpts below to identify the perspective and the position of each author writing about this issue. First, choose the author’s perspective. In the question that appears next, choose the author’s position.

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A photograph of a handwritten “Thank You” card. The writing is cursive text.

Source: Untitled, Jeff Werner, Flickr