All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. . . .

—Jaques in William Shakespeare’s As You Like It

A photograph of the Globe Theatre in England taken from the stage level

Source: UK - 29 - Globe Theatre stage (2997813540), McKay Savage, Wikimedia

Now that you understand archetypes for characters, plots, and motifs, you can put your knowledge to work. You are going to write the opening scene for a play featuring two characters.

First, click on the link to open the graphic organizer. You can save, download, and print this file. The graphic organizer will help you to create two archetypal characters, sketch out a plot, and decide what motif will advance your plot. Next, you will write your own scene. When you are finished doing so, you will have completed this lesson, and you may be ready for a journey of your own. Graphic Organizer Instructions