A trio of chubby, vividly created (in felt cloth) brightly colored, felt-tip markers

Source: Felt Markers, Enokson, Flickr

We’re going to begin with capitalization. You learned in your primary grades to capitalize the word “I” and to capitalize specific names of people, places, things, or events. However, sometimes the rules get a little fuzzy. Let’s start by brushing up on a few rules.

In the following sentences, determine whether or not the highlighted words should be capitalized. Click each blue word and answer the question that appears.

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Most of these rules are not new to you, but sometimes shortcuts or abbreviations in texting or being in too much of a hurry interferes with writing correctly. Just remember how important it is to present yourself in your best light. That way, your teacher will not have to make corrections on your papers, and your resumé will be perfect.