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Source: What do you do?, Micki Krimmel, Flickr

To write correctly, you have to employ the processes of revision and proofreading. Sometimes students will say, “I don’t need to know how to revise and proofread. My computer has spell-check and grammar-check. They will catch all my mistakes.” However, you need to consider that you often write without the aid of a computer. Think of the standardized tests you have taken or the in-class essays you have written by hand. In those cases, you had to rely on yourself and what you learned in English classes to find your errors and correct them.

This is where using a step-by-step process can help because it involves marking a text while looking for specific errors. In this lesson, you will practice proofreading for errors in spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.  In the last activity, you will search for all three types of errors in the same passage.