Look at the two pictures below. The first picture shows bars of silver, and the second picture shows sulfur. Using your notes describe the appearances of each.

Image is of bars of silver

Image is of  sulfur

What words did you use? You might have used words like "yellow" and "powdery" to describe sulfur and "hard" and "shiny" to describe silver. As you learned in section one of this resource, these are physical properties.

Let's learn more about the physical properties of metals and nonmetals.

Directions: The statements or phrases below describe physical properties of either metal or nonmetals. Read each statement or phrase and decide if it is describing a metal or nonmetal. Use the pictures above to help you decide. Drag each statement or phrase to the correct column of the chart. After you have completed sorting the properties, you can copy the chart for your notes.

Interactive exercise. Assistance may be required.

Sources of images used for this section as they appear, top to bottom: