Reviewing Sentence Purposes and Structures

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This activity has two parts: Part A is a review of what sentences do, and Part B is a review of how sentences are constructed. Both will help you prepare for the activities that follow.

There are four different types of sentences, and writers often use each type for different effects. In the following exercise, choose the type of  sentence that it best matches.

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Words are the coins making up the currency of sentences, and there are always too many small coins.

—Jules Renard, French novelist and playwright

Sentences can have different functions, but they can also have different sentence structures. The complexity of  a sentence can have a huge effect on the feel of an author's words—are the author’s sentences short and easy to digest? Slow and thoughtful?

Types of sentence structures

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Read more about these four kinds of sentence structures:

The following sentences come from Louis L’Amour’s Education of a Wandering Man. Which quote best matches each sentence structure?