Your Turn

Now let’s see you make a chart!

Let’s use the second set of information in the chart above to show how students spend their day. You will make a pie chart using the data and the link provided below.

Chart Data
Here's your information about students based on a 24 hour day.
Sleeping – 6 hours
Going to School – 7 hours
Studying – .5 hours
Watching TV – 2.25 hours
Working – 5 hours
Hanging out – 1.5 hours
Eating – 1 hour
Reading – .25 hours
Getting ready for school – .5 hours

Instructions on Using Chartle

Chartle is a free software program that allows you to create charts and graphs. Now that you’ve reviewed the data, go to the link below. Halfway down the webpage, click on Data and enter the activities and the amount of time shown for each. I’ve entered the first few activities for you already. When you finish entering the data, you can publish or share your pie chart for future reference.

Here’s the link to create your pie chart.

Problems with Chartle? uses the Java web-browser plugin. Please update to the latest Java plugin. Restart your browser. If this Java plugin test runs successfully, the Chartle applet should so as well.