A photograph of the water tower at Texas A&M in College Station. It reads “welcome to Aggieland” with a Texas A&M logo.

Source: A&M - Kelly makes it in!, Jeffrey K. Edwards, Flickr

“The A&M Student Bonfire as a Modern Pageant of Community Pride”

A photograph of the Texas A&M bonfire memorial that reads 'There's a spirit can ne’er be told...'

Source: Spirit, erin is a star, Flickr

“The A&M Bonfire: The 1999 Collapse”

A poster form CSI: History of “The Ripper”. It features Jack the Ripper’s shadow on a 19th century London alley wall. There are also ominous clouds, bats and skulls present.

Source: CSI – History, itibz, Flickr

“Jack the Ripper: Who He Was and What He Did”

An image of a 19th century newspaper clipping about a 'ghastly murder' in the east-end of London.

Source: Wanted poster, Wikimedia

“Jack the Ripper as the Spiritual Father of Jason, Chuckie, and Norman Bates”

A photograph of mountains in Big Bend National Park.

Source: Mountains in Big Bend, DanielJames, Flickr

“Big Bend: Its Flora and Fauna”

A photograph of a hiker on a trail in Big Bend National Park

Source: Big Bend, moomoobloo, Flickr

“Big Bend: The Place I Realized Who I Am and What I Want”

A photograph of a piece of lasagna on a plate

Source: Lasagne Piece, VanCityAllie, Flickr

“Making Lasagna Using Two Sauces”

A photograph of lasagna being prepared. Shown are two pots ion a stove: one for the sauce and the other for the pasta.

Source: Lasagne in the making, Paul Hickman, Flickr

“Making Lasagna: Putting the Pieces of My Life Together”


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