A photograph of a 1070s Dodge Van.

Source: SV-Drivers.jpg, Nvillacortabuer, Wikimedia

The truck is a van. I call it a truck because it's not a car and because “van” is a suburban sort of consumer word, like “oxford loafer,” and I don't like the sound of it. On the outside it looks like any other Dodge Sportsman 300. It's a dirty tan color. There are a few body dents, but it's never been in a wreck. I tore the antenna off against a tree on a pinched mountain road. A boy in Midland, Texas, rocked one of my rear view mirrors off. A logging truck in Oregon squeeze-fired a piece of debris off the road and shattered my windshield. The oil pan and the gas tank are pug-faced from high-centering on bad roads.